Pop-Up Love Party: Projection

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Zuppa Theatre's 'Pop-Up Love Party'  show is a re-imagination of Plato's Symposium, 
which asks questions like: 
What is love? Is there more than one type of love?

This looping, promotional video tackles the theme in a dynamic and colourful, 3-minute segment.

It was projected onto two adjacent window panes in downtown Halifax 
during the Magnetic North National Theatre Festival, June 2014.

Runtime: 03:36 min

Beach Crack


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Do you know what happened at the beach?

Runtime: 02:29 min

What Are You Doing Here.

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A short stop motion animation based on dreams.

Runtime:  01:43 min 

All The Other Shaves

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A 'sequel' to a student film by Martin Scorcese entitled 'The Big Shave', 
in which he criticizes the Vietnam War, which he refers to as the 'big shave'.

Runtime: 02:58 min

A Thing Or Two

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A city symphony of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the dysfunctional spaces it encompasses. 
Shot on 16mm film.

Runtime: 02:58 min

MARIANNA: Portrait of an Artist

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A silent short portraying my jeweler friend, Marianna, through the details of her work, and her interaction with her environment.

Runtime: 05:22 min