Alia (2014)

Screening Soon

Haunted by the memory of civil war, an old Lebanese man revisits the last few moments 
of a fateful bus ride that leads up to the murder of his beloved. 
Filmed at NSCAD University, 2014.  

Runtime: 5:23 min

Pop-Up Love Party: Projection

A looping, promotional video for Zuppa Theatre, projected onto adjacent window panes 
in downtown Halifax during the Magnetic North National Theatre Festival, June 2014.
Zuppa Theatre's 'Pop-Up Love Party'  show is a re-imagination of Plato's "Symposium".

Runtime: 3:36 min

All The Other Shaves

This short pays hommage to Martin Scorcese's "The Big Shave ('67)" which critiqued America's involvement in the Vietnam War. 
This recreation highlights the other 13 American-led wars since 1967.

Runtime: 2:58min

A Thing Or Two

A city symphony of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the dysfunctional spaces it encompasses.  Shot on 16mm film. 

Runtime: 2:58 min

What Are You Doing Here.

A stop motion animation based on dreams.

Runtime:  1:14 min

Beach Crack

Do you know what happened at the beach?
In collaboration with Adrienne Mountain and Shelby Mitchell.

Runtime:  2:29 min