(Short Film/ 2015)

Screening Soon

Haunted by the memory of civil war, an old Lebanese man revisits the last few moments 
of a fateful bus ride that leads up to the murder of his beloved. 
Starfish Art Award Nominee (2015)

Runtime: 5:23 min

Pop-Up Love Party: Projection (2015)

A looping installation promoting Zuppa Theatre's new show, Pop-Up Love Party
installed in Halifax, Nova Scotia
 during Magnetic North National Theatre Festival, 2014.

Runtime: 3:36 min

A Visual Interpretation of Select Poems by Sana Gemayel
(Work in Progress)

A series of loops based on the poems of Arabic poet, Sana Gemayel.

Work in Progress:
Final product is a poetry book with screenshots of the loops,
as well as an installation piece at the Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax) in September 2015.

Dogs in Exercise (2015)

A short matte painting exercise.

Runtime: 1:08min

Exploration of Body: Erotic/Grotesque (2014)

Installation piece at the NSCAD University Studio, December 2014.
A collaboration with Yalitsa Riden.

Runtime: 03:45

All The Other Shaves  (Short Film/ 2012)

This short pays hommage to Martin Scorcese's "The Big Shave ('67)" which critiqued America's involvement in the Vietnam War. 
This recreation highlights the other 13 American-led wars since 1967.
This is my first short film.

Runtime: 2:58min

A Thing Or Two  (16mm/ 2012)

A city symphony of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the dysfunctional spaces it encompasses. 

Runtime: 2:58 min

What Are You Doing Here. (2013)

A stop motion animation based on a dream.

Runtime:  1:14 min

Beach Crack (Animation/ 2014)

'Do you know what happened at the beach?'
A collaboration with Adrienne Mountain and Shelby Mitchell.

Runtime:  2:29 min